Will Online Poker Get You Arrested?

 It’s a question that is on the minds of many people. While the business of online gambling continues to grow at an exponential rate, there are many people who believe they are participating under the radar, and would be arrested if anyone found out what they were doing.

There are those who believe that online gambling is illegal and the people engaging in the activity should be arrested, while others believe that online gambling is a relaxing hobby that should be embraced by the masses. The question that remains is: are you going to prison for playing poker online?

 The answer is probably not. Now, this answer is not the most reassuring, but it’s better than yes. This is a rare issue in the fact that the law is almost contradictory concerning the right of citizens to engage in the playing of online poker. Right now online gambling of any sort is a gray area as far as legality is concerned. The most optimistic point lies in the fact that to date no one has been convicted of playing poker online. Playing poker online is akin to jaywalking in the sense that both are technically illegal. Fortunately everyone realizes that both aren’t that bad, so no one wastes the time or effort to arrest the people performing these acts.

 While the answer may not be the most complete, it is the best currently available. Keep on playing poker online; just make sure to give the IRS their cut. There’s not much of a chance you’ll get busted for playing online poker, and if you would for any reason, there will be a number of people helping you get out of any trouble. Most importantly, do some research concerning the local laws pertaining to gambling in general .This is simply an article, not a guide saying you should throw caution to the wind. Research and make an informed decision.

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