Where Are You Sending That Money?

Playing online poker is a lot of fun, and for many of the players today, it is the only viable option for playing poker on a regular basis. Between the stresses and such of work, families and everything else that comes our way it is often difficult to get out to a card room or to get everyone together for a game at the house, but more and more the computer is right there, and a quick hour of poker is never more than a few mouse-clicks away.

Aside from the convenience factor, it is often a less expensive alternative to a land-based gambling trip. Unlike a real game, however, you can’t look into the eyes of the person taking your money, or giving you their money depending on the situation. This makes a lot of people nervous. Just where is your money going?

 Well, you are playing with credits that you bought from the site. Since online gambling operations are not currently legal in the United States, you can mark that off of the places your money goes. In all likelihood, your money is going to an island in the Caribbean, where most of the online gambling operations are operated. Most of the online gambling operations are run reputably and are often run by land-based casino personnel. Due to the legality of operating such an operation in the states, however, they have decided to run the operation off-shore.

 If you’re worried about the zealots and fanatics screaming that you support terrorism, there are a few things to do. First, study the online poker room you want to play. You can usually find out where it is run from, and who is in charge. Also, look into the more popular rooms. They haven’t maintained a high level of popularity by being shady or back-handed.

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