When Can A Person Begin Betting

As poker continues to grow in popularity, it seems that the fans are becoming younger and younger. No longer is poker reserved for middle-aged men in smoky bars on the edges of towns.

Children in junior high are beginning to bring cards into school, trying to start a pick-up game during study halls and recess periods. Some of the more fanatical students use their lunch money to bet, as well as allowance and the like. Such extreme behavior leads to the question as to the time it is legally acceptable for a person to begin gambling.

 The answer depends on where you live more than anything. If you are a Nevada resident, for example, you’re going to have to wait until that magical 21st birthday to hit the poker rooms. Many proponents of lowering the gambling age argue that it is unfair that men and women may serve in the military at 18, yet are not allowed the right to play at the casinos for another three years. There is a valid reason for the age difference, however. The reason is that most are in buildings that serve alcohol and with the amount of traffic it is too difficult to separate the legal from the minors. In the majority of the US, however, the legal age to place a bet is 18. It’s simply a matter of the legislation.

 One area that becomes difficult to decipher is the realm of online poker. While most sites require that players should be 18 to play, there is no fool-proof way to verify age on the online poker rooms, and due to that fact there are a good many minors exploring the realm of online poker while waiting for the birthday when they can finally hit the real card tables. The only way for the teens on the poker rooms to be monitored is if the pare.


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