Picking The Best Online Casino Poker Rooms

When it comes to rating Online Casino Poker Rooms, like regular Online Poker Rooms, sites can be judged on a number of characteristics. If you enjoy a particular brand of poker software, then a site using similar (or the same) software might be more attractive to you than a site using software you have not used before. If the most important characteristic of a good poker site for you is the size of the bonus they offer, then a site ranking based on software will be of little use.

Most site rankings use a combination of values: software, bonus, payout ratio, bonus matching, site traffic (size), and free bonus. When you are looking for the Best Online Casino Poker Room, it is important to pick a room based on a rating that is important to you.


Online Casino Poker Rooms can either create their own software, or use software developed by another company. This leads to sites using the same software – not a bad thing if you enjoy familiarity, but want to play against new people or for different bonuses. The most common software providers are Micro gaming, Play tech, Boss Media, Odds On Inc, Crypto logic, and Real Time Gaming.

Max Bonus

Most Casino Poker Rooms will offer a casino bonus when you deposit a certain amount of money into an account with their site. For instance, a site may offer a bonus of 50 percent on your first deposit, up to $50 (deposit $100 and the site credits the account with an additional $50). The Max Bonus is the maximum amount of money they will credit to the account. A site boasting a 20 percent bonus, up to $600 will rank higher than a site advertising a 50 percent bonus, up to $50 when sorted by Max Bonus.

Bonus Matching

Bonus matching is the process of applying additional credit to an account as a reward for depositing money. Bonus Matching is rated by the percentage a site will use when calculating your bonus. In other words, a site offering a 400 percent bonus up to $25 will rank higher than a 25 percent bonus up to $100 when sorted by Bonus Matching.

Site Traffic (Size)

More visitors to a Poker site translate to more games and larger poker tables. Some players prefer smaller tables and slower games; others prefer larger tables with faster action. This rating will help you find a poker room that matches your personal taste.

Free Bonus

Many Online Poker sites reward repeat players through a point system or other free bonuses. These bonuses are based not on the amount of money a player has on deposit with the site, but on the player’s loyalty – how often they play, and how long they have played at a particular site.

Knowledge is power – now that you know how sites are ranked, you can pick your personal favorite when browsing lists of the Best Online Casino Poker Rooms.

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