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First of all note that I’m not trying to tell you what’s good and what’s bad. I just want to inform you, just in case you want to know if it’s legal to do what you do. So, ask yourself if it’s important for you. Then read the law for your state. To make it more concrete let’s take an example: Texas. Gambling in Texas.

If we look into the Texas Penal Code we’ll seeFor definitions read the code itself. But there are still several exceptions. It is said for money. So, if you play for love, it’s considered legal. If you enter a tournament for free it’s legal. If you can’t lose anything valuable then it’s legal.

But even if you decide to play for money the possibility to be arrested for that is not very high. Nobody cares. Even if someone it’s not that terrible maybe, you’ll lose your buy-in, maybe you’ll lose all that you won. Maybe you’ll spend some time at a police officer chatting with the policemen.

To play in an illegal game or not to play? It’s up to you. In my humble opinion it’s not an evil deed. I really enjoy reading and writing news about these outlaw gamblers. Ah, these criminals. Just imagine how they play in a dark backroom drinking beer. They usually play at high limits: $0,25-0,5 Yes, it’s very important to catch them and punish. They are very dangerous for the US welfare.

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