Can You Play Poker At Home?

Part of the attraction associated with the poker boom is the fact that it can easily be played in the home. While land-based poker playing requires a nominal fee at least, and usually additional fees for airfare and other travel-related expenses, online poker can be played from the comfort of a computer chair.

It doesn’t require any complicated devices like wheels or incredibly detailed tables, etc. The equipment for poker boils down to a deck of cards and chips. These can usually be found for $10 or less, which is much better than the expenses that rack up during the length of a gambling trip. Besides that, all you need are some friends with money to play and you are on your way to a fun night of poker. If things go wrong, however, you may not be having such a fun night of game playing.

 The fact of the matter, sad but true, is that there are a number of states where it is illegal to have any sort of gambling going on in the home. The best advice would be to find a book or website where you can check the legality of hosting a poker night in your home. An even more quick and efficient way to go about determining the legality of playing poker at home would be to call the local police. If they tell you it’s acceptable, you’re good to go.

 If you have already scheduled your game, here are a few tips: don’t get rowdy, that brings the cops quick, and then they’re not usually forgiving. If the cops would come for some reason, don’t try to hide what you were doing. They like honesty, and keeping the cops on your side is the difference between ending the game and paying a hefty fine. Invite people you know, don’t get too crazy and there should be no problems with a little game in the kitchen. However, find out the laws and stay out of trouble.

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